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If you really do not need a physical office to do business, what you need is a virtual office. A very affordable package, the Virtual Office package provides all the prestige and convenience you need for your business. Your calls, post/cargo and guests will be greeted by a professional team at eOfis where you register your business address and you will be notified about these. Meeting rooms and short-term office use can be booked at all eOfis locations with a pre-reservation; you can also use eOfis Business Lounges at 32 Class A+ Plazas free of charge at any time.
For prices from 300 TRY/month, you can have an office without any additional fees and can benefit from all the following services.
By selecting the closest and most suitable eOfis location at Class A+ plazas at 32 central locations in 8 cities in Turkey, you can use this address as your legal address and work at all eOfis locations with pre-bookings. Business Lounges are free. WiFi, tea, coffee, water service is provided.
While you deal with your business, our professional team answers and transfers your calls, manages and notifies you about your post and cargo, and greets and welcomes your guests without any additional charges.
Since you can use all eOfis locations, you are free to work without being bound to a single office.
eOfis members can use the meeting rooms and the office desks for free at any location up to a certain limit.
You may not always need a physical office or meeting room, but there may be times when you want to welcome your customers in a modern and professional office or a fully equipped meeting room. You can then rent an hourly, daily, weekly office, meeting room or event hall at a desired location by calling eOfis at special prices as an eOfis member.
eOfis members constitute a community of over 6000 companies. In the eOfis Network environment, we provide the opportunity for our members to promote their companies, establish collaborations and expand their businesses.
Prestigious legal address
Answering and transferring calls with the company title
Receptionist to greet guests
Short-term office rental at prices exclusive to members
Tea, coffee, water and snacks all day
Mobile (IOS
Cem Oğraş
Cem Oğraş
Fluent Professionals

We have been using eOfis meeting rooms for over a year. Our requirements are met in the best way and we are able to save money and strengthen our corporate image with hourly, daily and monthly options, being able to use any meeting room at any eOfis location, and with elegant and equipped meeting rooms.

Bülent Başaran
Bülent Başaran
İletişim Gümrükleme

We are very pleased with the facilities and services offered to us. It is very important to have meeting rooms for offices in prestigious areas. Greeting and welcoming our guests in the best way adds value to your service. Of course, your choice of smiley personnel has a large impact. Your telephone and mail handling services are also very successful. We wish to continue working together for many more years.

Ayla Özgür
Ayla Özgür
Aveka İş Geliştirme Yöneticisi

Since June 2016, we have been working at eOfis’ Mall of Istanbul location. We are located at İkitelli OSB, and its proximity to Mahmutbey toll booths and the airport provide transportational advantages for both our customers and business partners. Our needs such as security, internet, lighting, meeting rooms and cleaning are met by eOfis. I would especially recommend it to businesses that want to minimize their fixed costs and want to receive the services I have mentioned as a package.

Büşra Cebeci
Büşra Cebeci
Suny - The State University of New York

For corporations with few employees or agencies like us, working in an office with a few rooms in an apartment has lost its function. Hiring another employee to take care of water, electricity, maintenance charges, to answer phone calls and to take care of other operations in addition to our existing work would only add more work. Considering all of these, working with eOfis, which has prestigious locations, has made it easier for us rather than opening an office in an ordinary place. We only focus on our work, eOfis takes care of everything else.

Barış Işık
Barış Işık

Thanks to eOfis, I have saved 60% in rent expenses. The service I received, especially the secretarial service, has increased the corporate identity of my company. The support and service provided by the secretary during meetings is beyond excellent. Even my customers had commented on this excellent service. A corporate identity does not develop with money, it is a matter of behaviour! eOfis has performed well beyond this success! I give eOfis 10 out of 10.

Deniz Kaya
Deniz Kaya
Zuzu HR

As ZuZuHR, we have been working with the eOfis family for 2 years; we call it family as we think that it is the best word to describe there. All our friends there are doing their best to provide a pleasant office environment. We thank them for providing a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as a professional service quality.

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