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Outdoors meeting, office and work areas Business world needs new ideas, expansions and solutions that meet the age every year. The last example of these new ideas and solutions are open-air office and meeting areas. These new generation working areas, which are preferred in spring and summer, contribute to both the quality of work and the energy of the employees. Eofis has succeeded in responding to this new demand quickly and presents its modern building and open office in Istanbul Durusu for the use of the business world. Advantages of the Open Office Research shows that the way you work outdoors reduces work stress and burden while increasing creativity and productivity. Open-air offices are also built entirely on this idea and offer companies different opportunities for office use intertwined with nature. It carries the time employees spend in a building between four walls to a spacious place. The desks established in open areas and the new generation meeting areas provide the experience of producing and developing business under the relaxing effect of nature. Open-air offices, which have many examples abroad, are especially preferred by new generation companies. Its contribution to business production and speed is the most important factor that makes these new offices trend. Who is open office suitable for? Outdoor workspaces offer different opportunities for almost every industry. All corporate firms and companies that have high number of personnel, hold dealership meetings and want to bring together the employees of the companies in different cities can use open-air offices easily. In addition to crowded meetings, it is also highly preferred by companies that want to organize in-house events or want to carry out a similar activity for their customers. Your New Office in Durusu Eofis, which has been preferred by corporate firms with 8 offices and 32 different points of virtual office, ready office and common office areas, is now carrying this experience to a whole new area. It offers a dynamic and spacious working place in the Durusu district of Arnavutköy, which is home to the third airport of Istanbul, intertwined with nature. This new initiative, which creates common offices and work spaces with its modern building on the shore of the forest, is also a good alternative for outdoor meeting spaces. The Durusu open-air office, which is also very suitable for in-house events, offers a good advantage for companies in different cities, especially due to its proximity to the airport.
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