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Frequently Asking Questions

eOfis is an office venture with multiple locations. eOfis meets the needs of offices and meeting rooms for individuals and companies by establishing alternative workspaces. As well as establishing fully equipped and serviced offices that have no expenses other than rent by developing office solutions for different needs, eOfis offers call answering and mailing management services.
We prefer to use the term “membership package” rather than product as our products consist of different office setups, memberships and service contents. The basic packages are Flexible Offices, Virtual Offices, Shared Offices, eOfis BIZ Membership and Meeting Rooms. In addition to these, packages can also be created for different needs.
One person works at each work desk. The number of people that can work in flexible offices (your own private room) is determined by its size. Flexible offices are available in various sizes. Tables for the specified number of people are placed into these offices. If someone from the team does not have a desk, yet occasionally has to work in the office, he/she can use a desk using the pay-as-you-go system.
First of all, you can reach us from the request form on our website, our eOfis line at 444 34 or the mobile number of the authorised person at your selected location. Once the package that is suitable for your business has been identified, you may send the required documents and payment by e-mail or you can bring them when you come tp sign the contract. Your office will be ready the next day. You can start straight away in a fully professional and equipped environment.
The minimum contract period is 6 months for packages that include your company’s legal address while it is 3 months if it does not contain your legal address.
With the technical equipment and full decoration at eOfis offices, you can have an office with a reasonable monthly rent, without having to invest and dealing with operational expenses, and you can start working tomorrow. With flexible contracts, you can benefit from the pay-as-you-go system without putting yourself at risk. You also get the opportunity to use 58 branches of a professional and high-quality office.
We are careful not to bring companies that are in competition with each other together.
You may leave your belongings in locked drawers in your own section.
We currently provide service at 58 locations, including Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Gaziantep, Konya, Bursa, Mersin, Eskişehir, Antalya and Kayseri. You can receive detailed information on the location pages on our website.
We serve a wide range of industries, such as businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, micro-enterprises that require a prestigious legal address, companies that want to use meeting rooms, representatives of foreign companies, business lines that want their post to be managed, etc. Our teammates will help you find the right membership for your business.
As an eOfis member, you can use our offices located in 10 cities of Turkey. You also have the opportunity to benefit from offices in 650 locations with which eOfis is contracted worldwide.
My eOfis (eOfisim) is a web-based eOfis service application that helps you monitor your work remotely. You can track your invoice and payment information online through the “my eOfis” application. You can also remotely access your files and messages sent by eOfis.
Yes you can use your telephone line. You need to transfer your company number to an IP line as eOfis answers and transfers calls through an IP line. Then, we inform you about this matter and direct you to the institution. This is a practical procedure.
Yes, you may begin to use our desks, offices and meeting rooms.
You can add your company’s name at the entrance of eOfis where your legal address is registered.
Your legal address remains at eOfis during the term of your contract. When a member wishes to terminate the contract, he/she must take necessary steps to remove the legal address from eOfis.
When your guest arrives, he/she shall be greeted an eOfis receptionist. You are then informed that your guest has arrived. If you are going to use the meeting room, your guests will be taken to the meeting room or may wait in the lounge while having a drink.
Your calls may be answered in Turkish, English and Arabic.
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